Sponsorship Proposal on Covid Consulting, Counselling & Training Program:

Responding to this 2nd wave of pandemic of Covid in INDIA, is not an option but given for any responsible individual or organization operating in India. We the LoveSpring Wellness is no exception. With our expertise in preventive healthcare, we have taken the responsibility to carry out various programs online to mitigate the pain and anxiety of all the Covid infected and affected ones.

1.Clinical Consultation: To provide healthcare consultation online for the various needy general public. As the target group of people are mostly from the low cadre of society, we have been providing pro bono services to many.

2.Counselling Therapy: As this is a moment of chaos and panic in the minds of people, we see many people deeply affected psychologically in their minds, requiring Counseling for this fear and anxiety and grief over the loss of their kith and kin. We being experts in that space of Counselling, we are servicing the needy clients meeting their mental wellbeing requirement.

3.Nutritional /Alternative Therapy: As the viral infection gets contained in the body of the infected only through one’s own immunity, we having the expertise in nutritional therapy, offer various immune building supplements for the purpose of boosting the immunity of the care receivers.

4.Training Programs: For many caregivers and health workers needing appropriate training in this time of emergency, we have stepped up our training programs to enable them and to build their capacity for providing psychosocial support.

If you have attended one of our sessions, please submit your FEEDBACK here


We are seeking sponsorship for conducting these online sessions for the benefit of the Covid infected and affected ones and their families.

Each session is having significant expenses of allocating Human skilled resources.

Our request is for the support of 100 sessions in the coming several months for the benefit of 1000 people in one to one or in group sessions with no of beneficiaries ranging from 10 to 100.

We would be grateful for your sponsorship support either in part or in full.

Please download the Sponsorship Document here


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