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We often refers the mind wellness as bug and virus free Software and body wellness as the smooth functioning hardware. Being convinced beyond doubt that the mind (software) affects the body (hardware), he has conducted programs of Being in Awareness Pathway for thousands of people. Our Body hears everything minds says… Whether we are conscious of the voice or unconscious of the voice, it doesn’t matter to the mind. We can call it Mind over Matter or Mind over Body or Mind over Medicine. It is proven in health sciences that several placebo or nocebo effects and results happen purely because of your mind believing in awesomeness or awefulness. So the negative mind chatter affects body’s health. We call that Stress in our mind. Wrong beliefs over an issue causes stress on the issue. It is evident that one human being gives STRESS to another Human Being. That means to say close Human relationships cause STRESS….which is in Marriage Relationship and Parenting Relationship and Close Work Relationships. our programs and workshops designed to heal emotionally and bring Love Springing from the heart heals the stress and brings wellness for mind and body.

Wellness Consultant & Counselors:

Dr. Ashok Prabath & Mrs. Malarvali Prabath

Dr. Ashok and Malar are married around 20 years with 2 kids of whom one is a teenager. Dr. Ashok has served as a Chief Program Officer for HOPE foundation an NGO working for the underprivileged sections of the society. He is a medical doctor from Stanley Medical College, Madras University. Malar is a Masters graduate in Sociology and Masters in Business Administration. Dr.Ashok and Malar are trained in Marriage and Parenting Counselling in Singapore and have conducted workshops for various secular as well as faith based groups on Marriage and Parenting all over India.

They have successfully helped many couples to come out from their harmful cycles of unhealthy thinking patterns also called LIFE traps (SCHEMAS). They have successfully created support groups to sustain the healthy functional behavior among couples. They have trained several couples to carry out counselling programs.The crux of their counselling is based on strong time tested principles and credible psychological research in the area of counselling.

The program takes the participants through the different phases of marriage and parenting with practical advice on how to be in love connection with their spouses and children showing real love and respect. The program also helps people to learn how to meet the core emotional needs of one another in relationships, especially in Marriage and Parenting. Many people who underwent their counselling gained awareness over their dysfunctional behaviors and learnt how to avoid hurtful coping styles through the practice of vulnerability and forgiveness.

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